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We provide cybersecurity expertise and solutions to protect against today’s most sophisticated threats.

IntelliBridge offers cybersecurity expertise to defend against today’s most sophisticated threats and prepare you for emerging challenges on the horizon.

With a mission-centric approach, we embed security in line with your business operations, customizing safeguards to your unique environment. This multifaceted strategy bolsters your security posture, ensuring resilience, continuous operations, and recovery. It adeptly mitigates risk and adjusts to evolving threats, vulnerabilities, and organizational needs.

Our security specialists keep you a step ahead. We assess resilience requirements to shape a cybersecurity blueprint, conduct evaluations of your current security stance, pinpoint system vulnerabilities, and outline necessary mitigations. After executing these enhancements, our Test & Evaluation (T&E) suite – encompassing penetration testing and adversarial assessments – verifies preparedness against real-world threats.

This comprehensive security diligence extends to operational support. We oversee systems and networks, fortifying the environment’s perimeter and laying a secure foundation for your mission operations. Our efforts span the implementation of security protocols, identity management, continuous surveillance, and proactive scanning. Backed by robust lifecycle processes, we proficiently spot, manage, and neutralize risks. As the threat landscape or requirements shift, our cyber solutions incorporate robust authentication, device fortification, minimized exposure points, and swift detection and response mechanisms. Furthermore, we conduct Assessment & Authorization (A&A) initiatives, ensuring policy adherence and maintaining Authority to Operate (ATO) for your essential systems.

In the face of security incidents, we promptly initiate incisive incident responses. Our thorough investigations, encompassing computer forensics and digital evidence preservation, facilitate effective threat containment, eradication, and system restoration.

Key Services

  • Security Engineering
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Zero Trust

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