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Our Offerings

Technology & Innovation

The Technology & Innovation Group (TIG) leverages a differentiated go-to-market model to deliver next-generation technology solutions. Our experienced technologists combine an expanding portfolio of TIG offerings, deep subject matter expertise, and best-in-class capabilities to provide unparalleled innovation, meeting the most demanding mission requirements of our clients.

Driving Innovation and Excellence: Key TIG Drivers

Our key TIG drivers are fundamental to achieving our mission and maintaining our competitive edge:

  • Evolving IntelliBridge Corporate Capabilities: We continually enhance our corporate capabilities to stay ahead of the technology curve.
  • Enabling Technologies & Processes: We provide essential technology and process enablers to support our operating divisions.
  • Focus on Business Models, ROI, Scalability, & Branding: We prioritize business models that deliver high ROI, are scalable, and reinforce our branding.
  • Alignment with Divisions and Business Development (“Pods”): We maintain close alignment with our divisions and business development pods to drive growth and innovation.
  • Fail Fast Philosophy: We adopt a “fail fast” approach to quickly identify and eliminate efforts that do not add value.

TIG Offerings

Our offerings are dedicated to rapidly designing, prototyping, rigorously testing, and effectively delivering cutting-edge mission capabilities.

Innovation Lab

The iLab develops solutions using a Collection of Cloud, Datacenter Infrastructure and Technology Offerings.

Software Factory

The sFactory refines and consolidates pre-built baselines to expedite software component generation.

Experience Studio

The xStudio informs and envisions using CX and human-centered design, UI development expertise, discovery, and low-and no-code prototyping.

Product Studio

The pStudio employs an agile product development process to deliver sophisticated software solutions targeting complex technology challenges within the federal government sector.


TechBridge is both an organizational construct and a collaboration capability that drives the free flow of ideas and problem solving across all of our IntelliBridge programs and teams.

TIG Leadership

    Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer

    Chief Innovation Officer

    Chief Experience Officer

    Chief Product Officer

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